Save up to $300.00 by repairing your old broken shift and brake levers with the ECS lever repair kits.
Broken brake lever
Perhaps your lever end fell out from wear  or your bike tipped over in the garage. Replace the bent, broken or missing end for less then $10.00 each, instead for $76-163.39 Ducati charges for each new lever. Easy to install with basic mechanical skills. Will fit most late model Ducati's with round brake and shift pedals.

Check out the retail prices (your dealer may be higher) of some of the levers you can repair for less then $10.00:
Ducati Brake levers #45720031A - $95.87, 45720031AA - $84.09, 037069555 - $163.39 & 45720071A - $76.92.
Ducati gear change levers # 037069510 - $77.19 , 037069513 - $86.99, 45610041A & 45610091A. 
Some of the bikes the ECS lever ends will fit are: Ducati Monster 600 620 750 800 900 1000 600S Supersport 620SS 750SS 900SS 900FE 900SL 900SP 900CR 

A great way to fix and salvage levers that are no longer available.  No additional shipping for multiple quantities.  Plan a head and save, before they are sold out.


1. Start by straightening the main part of your old lever. This can be done with the assistance of a crescent wrench and a vice. Be sure to protect the finish of you lever with a soft rag or other material. Go slow and don't apply to much force.

2. After straightening your old lever, remove the old lever end by drilling out the back side rivited over portion of the original end of your lever.
3. Insert the new lever end. It will usually just slid right in, but may need to be pressed in lightly. Put a small dab of Locktite on the included Allen screw and tighten the screw. Slid your old or a new rubber over your end. A little warm soapy water can make it easier to slid on. You are now ready to install the lever.

ECS Ducati lever repair end
4.  Reinstall the lever on your bike with a little grease in the pivot, slid your rubber in place and you are done!

5.  Check you straightening job, adjust as needed being sure the new lever end is parallel to the ground when the bike is upright.

6. Double check everything is tight and enjoy a safe ride.

Repaired lever
For just a fraction of the cost of new you have repaired your lever.

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