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748/916/996 headlight block off
40-0211 748/916/996 headlight block off







LRB 320mm Full Floating Brake Rotors save over 50% of the weight of stock rotors, enhancing handling
Will fit most bikes using 6 bolt Brembo rotors.
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Part 40-4VSK - 7mm Valve Shim Kit for Ducati 4 valve Desmo's
Save your valuable time and frustration trying to find the shims that you need. Saves over 50% off the price of factory shims!
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Brembo Full Floating Cast Iron rotors for improved braking over stock stainless steel rotors. ECS Secure server

Corsa style long Heat shield.
Mounting kit to fit to standard mufflers.

40-916SCREEN Fits stock 748 916 996
40-996SSC is 8.5X2.75"
Fits 996SPS
40-CORSASC  is 9X4.5"
Fits 996Corsa
Fits 998s 

Protect your oil cooler from rock and debris damage with this easy to install screen. Available in 4 sizes to fit stock 748/916/996s, the 996SPS and the 996Corsa. Shown installed on our Carbon Radiator Cover. ECS Secure Server

Ducati carbon fiber 4valve belt covers
40-4V  C/F Belt Covers for 4 valve motors. These beautiful hand laid carbon fiber belt covers enhance the looks of the unique belt drive of the Ducati 4 valve motors while protecting them from rocks and debris.  ECS Secure Server

Ducati 748, 916,996,998 Tank bra. Thank you Paul for the photo.
40-916BRA  ECS Secure Server
This beautiful hand laid piece of Carbon Fiber actually adds to the unique tank shape. Double sided tape holds the carbon on while protecting the paint. Larger image , Right side view,
 View from behind

748/916/996 tank key guard
40-KG fits 748, 916, 996 & 998
Protect you gas tank from damage caused by extra keys with our protective carbon key guard.
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40-916AI, 40-916AIB
This truly custom fabricated piece replaces the ugly plastic OEM part with a lightweight, beautifully molded carbon bolt-on part. Available with or without blinker mounts. SOLD OUT

Ducati 998 poster
The Ducati 998R poster is printed on both sides. The motorcycle on one side and the engine on the other side. The above image is of 2 posters side by side.
Click for larger image of 91710411A.

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Ducati 748 916 996 998 poster
916 Line Art Poster ECS Secure Server
"ECS Ducati 916 blue print on parchment paper. This poster is exclusive to European Cycle, Based on a factory blue print of the 916. It makes a great gift for any motorcycle enthusiast at birthday or any time.

Ducati 916 748996 998 industrial color poster
ECS 916 Poster 40-916CP
"European Cycle Specialties 916 Poster. Printed on high gloss paper. This poster is exclusive to European Cycle, photographed by a local professional industrial photographer.
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ECS Ducati 748/916/996 Titinanum/Alluminum Cush Drive Lugs
ECS Ti/Al Cush Drive Lugs for Ducati 748/916/996/998 MH900E 

Super light race style Carbon Fiber Half Clutch Cover.

Vented clutch cover.

Vented front fender. SOLD OUT

Clear Headlight Armor for Ducati 748/916/966/998 Motorcycles These Aircraft Grade Headlight Armor fit over your headlights to protect the assembly from expensive breakage. Sold in pairs complete with 3M Dual Lock Fasteners.

Replace your rock damaged OEM part with a lighter weight, beautifully molded Carbon Fiber bolt-on part.

Custom built for the 748/916 to keep the heat of the exhaust system away from your shock. The lightweight carbon fiber Shock Guard also will protect you shock from rocks and debris form the rear tire.

Protects the inner calf from searing exhaust temperatures.

Just like the race version, the 748/916 front fender reduces unsprung weight and protects the fork sliders. Also available vented! 40-916VFF

40-QCH, 40-QC
Save over a half pound of unsprung weight, plus time and money. Strong and lightweight, they're made of gold anodized aluminum and are available in 35,36,37,38,39,40,41,and 42 teeth. ECS Secure Server

Protect your valuable investment from road abrasions and scratches. Made of durable, high quality Carbon Fiber reinforced with Kevlar.

Custom built for the 748/916, the lightweight guard extends back further than stock, for a cleaner back wheel. The rear brake line has its own molded carbon cover.

Supper light weight great looking, Sprocket Cover. Fits all late model Ducatis. Also available with screen mounted behind. # 40-SCS

Leave it in natural carbon finish or we can paint as pictured.

749/916/996 Sprocket
Save more than 1 pound of unsprung weight! These strong, lightweight aluminum sprockets are available in36 or 42 teeth.  On Sale NOW!

Carbon fiber Computer cover. Very light weight, fits top and bottom of P7 and P8 computers.

Replaces aluminum units with strong, lightweight carbon fiber.
Drilled heel guards
Passenger heal guards
Replaces passenger heel guards with strong, lightweight carbon fiber.

110.2700.39 Clutch
110.2700.38 Brake

Brembo adjustable levers to fit 1994-98 748/916/996 SOLD OUT
ECS Ducati 748/916/996 ride height tool 40-601
ECS Ride Height Tool
Accurately set up the suspension on your Ducati 748/916/996. SOLD OUT

40-LPF  ECS Secure server
Our lightweight molded carbon fiber license plate frame is the final detail to finish off your 748/916/996.

63140091A Brembo late model adjustable clutch lever for 1999-2002  SOLD OUT

63140071A Brembo late model adjustable brake lever for 1999-2002  SOLD OUT

40-602 748/916/996 Front Axle drift - don't destroy your axle

Ducati billet aluminum oil filler plug
Billet Aluminum Oil Filler Plug. Fits all 1985 and newer Ducatis.

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40-SLG Keep prying fingers from unlatching the 748/916 seat by pulling the cable. Keep prying fingers from unlatching the 748, 916, 996 seat by pulling the cable.

Very clean lightweight unvented Carbon Fiber Clutch Cover.

Super light race style Carbon Fiber Half Clutch Cover.

Vented clutch cover.