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Ducati Valve Shim Kit

40-2VSK ECS 2Valve Shim Kit
Save your valuable time and frustration- no running around trying to find the shim you need including a shim tool.
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Ducati Monster fairings

Monster Fairing.
Take the wind off your chest. Easy to install. Available in Red, Yellow, Black, Silver or Carbon Fiber. Fits all 1993-2001 600,750 and 900 Monsters. Requires remounting of blinkers on 2000 - 2001 model Monsters. Comes with mounting brackets and a clear or tinted windshield. ECS Secure server

Monster fairing Brackets 40-MFB Monster Fairing brackets
 Take a pound of weight off the bike with our light weight silver or black anodized fairing brackets. Can be used with the Ducati factory fairing and many after market fairings. ECS Secure server

ECS Ducati lever repair end40-01001 Shift and brake
lever repair kit

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Vented C/F Belt Covers for 900 2 valve Ducati motors40-2VV  Vented C/F Belt Covers for 900 2valve motors. The screen is riveted in place to last a life time. SOLD OUT

C/F Belt Covers for 900 2 valve Ducati motors40-2V  C/F Belt Covers for 900 2valve motors.
These beautiful hand laid carbon fiber belt covers enhance the look of the unique belt drive of the Ducati 900 two valve motors while protecting them from rocks and debris. Fits all 1991-2001 Ducati ST2, 900SS and M900 Monsters. SOLD OUT

Ducati Work Stands
Ducati sprockets M900 M750
40-179- 37,38,39,40,41
Hard anodized Aluminum alloy sprockets Fit all 851/888, 600/750/900 Monsters & 750/900SS.ECS Secure server
Ducati license frame
Custom light weight molded Carbon Fiber License plate frame. The final detail to finish your bikeECS Secure server
Ducati Monster center stand kit
Monster center stand kit. Easy to install. SOLD OUT
967019AAA Fits Monster 400/600/750/900 up to 2001
Fits MS4/S4R 01/04 & Monster 620/750/900/1000  02/04







LRB 320mm Full Floating Brake Rotors save over 50% of the weight of stock rotors, enhancing handling
Will fit most bikes using 6 bolt Brembo rotors.
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Part 40-4VSK - 7mm Valve Shim Kit for Ducati 4 valve Desmo's
Save your valuable time and frustration trying to find the shims that you need. Saves over 50% off the price of factory shims!
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Brembo Full Floating Cast Iron rotors for improved braking over stock stainless steel rotors. ECS Secure server

Ducati 41mm Carbs
39/41mm Kehein flat slide carb kits SOLD OUT
for quick throttle response and more top end!
Ducati Hi Compression pistions
ECS 11.25:1 piston kits will bring your bike to life with lots of extra torque! SOLD OUT
Ducati Monster tail/license mount
Carbon Fiber Monster tailpiece
designed by ECS. Color to match to your bike or CF. Rear view
Ducati Non vented clutch cover
Very clean light weight un-vented Carbon Fiber Clutch Cover.
Ducati Half clutch cover
Super light race style Carbon Fiber Half Clutch Cover.
Ducati Vented clutch cover
Clean and light weight carbon fiber Vented Clutch Cover.
Ducati Adjustable levers
110.2700.39 Clutch
110.2700.38 Brake

Brembo adjustable levers to fits most late model Ducatis up to 2000. SOLD OUT

Ducati Monster Tach Kit
96500599C SSOLD OUT
Monster Tachometer & Carbon Fiber dash kit for M600, 750 and 900 from 1993 to 1999.

Ducati late style brake lever
62640071A Brake lever Late Ducati/Brembo clutch lever
63140091A Clutch Lever
Brembo adjustable levers to fit the latest top end Ducatis 1999-2002 including 748S 996 M900S4 & ST4. SOLD OUT
Ducati Monster LED Tach
LED Electronic tachometer kit. Fits Monster 600, 750 and 900s from 1993 to 1999. SOLD OUT
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ECS Ducati lever repair end
40-01001 Shift and brake
lever repair kit

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