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*Ohlins shock absorbers have won more than 50 World Championships since 1982 - A record second to none!
*Superior construction, superior materials and superior engineering skills give you the best-quality shock on the market.
*Shock body is precision-drawn steel with aluminum shock reservoir; race shocks feature lightweight, high-strength aluminum shock bodies.
*Stainless steel braided PTFE hose used with all remote reservoir shocks.
*Original shock and spring settings are for a rider weight of approximately 165 lbs. (75 kg). Springs are chrome silicone.
*World 500cc Champions Wayne Rainey 2nd Eddie Lawson; World Superbike Champions Carl Fogarty, Scott Russell and Doug Polen and 1996-97 ARAI Superbike Champion Doug Chandler all won their tides on Ohlins.
*Supported by Factory Authorized Service Centers in the United States.
Ohlins shock absorbers

Ohlins Shocks for Ducati Motorcycles

Motorcycle model Type Ohlins # List price
Ducati 748 94-2000 (race) 46PRC OHDU336 $811.95
Ducati 748 94-2000 46PRC OHDU342 $771.95
85l/888 89-94 46HRC OHDU807 $771.95
750SS/900SS/CR/SP 92-98 46PRCL OHDU235 $811.95
M750/M900 Monster 93-99 46HRC OHDU440 $771.95
ST2 97-2000 46HRCS OHDU701 1000.95
ST4 99-2000 46HRCS OHDU701 1000.95
916/996 94-2000 (race) 46PRC OHDU336 $811.95
916/996 94-2000 46PRC OHDU342 $771.95
ECS Secure Server   Other applications available.
C = adjustable compression damping
B = integrated hydraulic spring preload adjuster
R = adjustable rebound damping
L = adjustable length
S = hose-mounted hydraulic spring preload adjuster
W = shock absorber is sold without spring, use stock spring
Ohlins shocks TYPE 46
*46mm shock piston diameter
*Emulsion style shock absorber - oil and gas are mixed in the shock body
*For use on small, light bikes when space is limited


*46mm shock piston diameter
*De Carbon shock absorber with external piggyback reservoir and dividing piston
*Reservoir is extension of shock absorber body
*Allows for more oil and larger cooling areas for improved shock performance and durability


*46mm shock piston diameter
*De Carbon shock absorber with hose-mounted reservoir and dividing piston
*More oil and larger cooling areas improve shock performance and durability
NOTE: Your Ohlins shock absorber may look different from what is pictured. It could be longer or shorter in length depending upon the model application. On Type 46P shocks, the compression adjustment knob may be a screw; the shock reservoir could be angled differently in order to fit your bike. Some Type 46PRCLS shocks have horizontal reservoirs; normally the reservoir is placed vertically.

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