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Ducati Shim Tool
How the ECS our shim tool is used for measuring your shims quickly and accurately.

Do you adjust your own valves or would you like to? - Then this is the kit you need!

Ducati Valve Shim Kit

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Save your valuable time and money!
Only $299.00 for the complete kit.


Ducati shim tool kit

40-600 Valve Shim Tool Kit
Includes our valve shim tool, a 1" micrometer and 6" dial calipers

Directions for using the ECS Ducati shim measuring tool.

The ECS shim tool is designed to be used with a veneer caliper. Start by measuring your shim tool, it should measure 0.60 inches. Now insert your tool into the shim be measured. for 2 valve motors the large end goes into the shim ware that collars normally sit. For 4 valve motors the small and is used in and goes in where the keepers would sit. Now measure the shim an shim tool  together as one.  Subtract the size of your shim tool (0.60 inches) from this measurement. You now have the size of your shim. 

Technicians: I highly recommend you buy a Digital caliper to use with our shim tool, to save even more time. With the digital caliper measure the shim tool, zero your caliper with this measurement, that way as you  measure each shim you don't have to do any adding and subtracting and saving you a lot of time on every service. Our tool should pay for itself on your first service!
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