ECS bar risers for your ST2 or ST4!!!

Almost 1 inch taller then stock (.850").
Easier on your back and wrist.
Clear anodized for long lasting good looks.
# 40-STBR

Installation instructions

The installation of your new bar risers requires some mechanical skill and aptitude. If you are not comfortable with your ability to install them correctly please take them to a professional for installation!

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Tools required:
3, 5 & 6mm Allen wrenches, Phillips screw driver, 8, 12 &13mm open end wrenches, shop towels.
 1.Remove cover on throttle assembly.
 2.Remove throttle cable
 3.Remove right handle bar
 4.Install ECS bar riser on right side with new bolts, tighten bolts securely
Remove left handle bar
 6.Install ECS bar riser on left side, tighten bolts securely
Torque the bar mounting bolts to 18 Foot pounds
 8.If necessary loosen master cylinders and rotate down as far as possible to clear fairing (hydraulic lines may need to be moved also) This may be done by placing a rag under banjo bolt and around the hose, applying light pressure to the lever while losing the fitting just enough to rotate the fitting. Tighten the banjo bolt back up while keeping light pressure on the lever. Be sure their is no air in the hydraulic lines.
 9.Adjust the fork stop in making sure that nothing interferes or hits the fairing with the bars at full lock in both directions.
 10.Start the engine and turn the handle bars to full lock in both directions, if the idle increases at full lock, adjust the choke cable at the throttle bodies for more slack. Do this by loosening the cable end and pulling it back 1/8" or so. Double check the idle stays constant at full lock.
 11.Reroute the throttle cable behind the angled frame tube and up behind the air intake snorkel. Bend the wire cable up higher and route the cable through it and up to the throttle.
 12.Reinstall the cable and throttle cover.
 13.Once again check that the idle is constant with the handlebars turned to full lock in both directions.
14.Double check the routing of all lines and cables and make sure everything is tight and working correctly!

Enjoy your ST2!