MZ 1000S

MZ 1000S additional pictures

Passion built this motorcycle.  Sporty beyond compromise. 
Pure and dynamic.  With a design beyond match, a design that clearly states what it wishes to be - power and verve.  State of the art engineering.  Three years in development.  
Look for the new 1000S to arrive late December. 
2-year warranty
Only $10,995.00
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MZ 1000S Specifications

Bore X Stroke
Fuel System
Final Transmission
Front Wheel
Rear Wheel
F/R Tires
Dry Weight
Liquid-Cooled 4-Stroke, Inline 2-Cylinder 40deg Forward-Inclined Cylinder block, 1 Balancer Shaft
DOHC, 8 Valves, Hydraulic Chain Tensioner (HyCT)
998 cc
96 x 69 MM
Electronic Fuel Injection
6-Speed, Cassette
Chain 530 5/8x3/8
84 KW AT 9000 RPM
17 x MT 3.50 Twin System Wheel
17 x MT 5.50 Twin System Wheel
120/70 ZR17 / 180/55 ZR17
1425 MM
210 KG
Black, Silver