Press Reactions to the
Ducati ST2

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The ST2 Fit and finished are excellent, and its full fairing provides good torso and leg protection.

Simply looking at its curved fairing and compact frame are enough to lift your spirits.
"Man at His Best: Sexy, No?" Esquire, February 1998, 19.

The ST2 is a marvel on a twisty road, with a wonderfully balanced ease and grace...
there's a gymnast-like athleticism to the ST2 that can't be constrained by a set of saddle bags.. The ST2 is particularly well suited for back road excursions, because it has exceptionally compliant suspension, which swallows up cracks, ripples and potholes in a manner similar to Honda's superb VFR.
"Need a Little Help with Your Luggage, Sport?" Cycle Canada, May 1998, 18-21.
This is not your father's sport-tourer.
Parsons, Grant. "Putting the Sport in Sport-Touring."
American Motorcyclist, November 1997, 11.

This new duck is an ultra-stable high speed runner. And with a few twists of the screwdriver, the suspension is sport bike taut or freeway plush.
Putter, Eric. "1998 Ducati ST2: Redefining the Sport-tourer."
Motorcycle Consumer News, December 1997, 30-33.

The brakes are very racer-like as well. Up front, new quad-pot, two-piece Brembo calipers have slicker piston and better seals. They also have their mounting bolts spaced farther apart to be stiffer than previous units, making for improved feel and better grip. This hardware garnered the ST2 its stellar 111.7', 60-0mph braking distance.
Putter, Eric. "1998 Ducati ST2: Redefining the Sport-tourer."
Motorcycle Consumer News, December 1997, 30-33.

The Ducatis easy-to-pop seat reveals a sport-touring concession that Beamer doesn't have: space inside the side panel to stuff everything from a siphon hose to cleaning supplies.
Putter, Eric. "Coast to Coast: BMW K1200RSL vs. Ducati ST2."
Motorcyclist, July 1998, 52-58, 62.
It's a refined, sporty mile-eater that still never lets you forget it's a Ducati.
Catterson, Brian. "The Future Begins Here."
Cycle World, December 1997, 80-82.

...even in the freezing-cold winter weather, the Ducatis windscreen and fairing torn off, we still argued over whose turn it was to ride the bike. It's that good. The only thing better than riding a sport bike is going some place on one. And the best vehicle for going places on this planet is on the Ducati ST2.
Catterson, Brian. "In Search of Aliens: Sporty-Touring in E.TD. Country."
Sport bike, 1998, 26-33.

If you'd be embarrassed to have your friends see you on a sport-touring bike, then just leave the bags at home and tell them it's a sport bike.
"Dance of the Sport Tourers." Sport Rider, February 1998, 18-27, 72.

Its motor is tunned for midrange rather than top-end horsepower, and is at its best between 5000 and 7000rpm, when a flick of the light action throttle is enough to send the Ducati surging forward with enough oomph to past a line of traffic without a downshift.
Burns, John. "Ducati Builds a Bike For the More Massive Masses."
Motorcyclist, January 1998, 32-39.

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